Mixin’ It Up With Compounding Pharmacies

PharmacistThere are compound medicines—medication that needs to be mixed—and you can buy them at compounding pharmacies. However, how do you know where to find them?

Compounding medicines is far from easy. There are a lot of chemicals and complex mixtures to combine, plus the right degree of each, and if you’re not a pharmacist, you would probably consider yourself lucky than bear the responsibility of someone who mixes medicines for a living.

Where are compounding pharmacies anyway? You would see them pharmacists compounding custom medications in Draper, Utah, mixing compounds for your relief.

Here are two questions people usually ask about compounding medications.

How do you find one?

There isn’t a problem locating your trusted compounding pharmacy – Draper has some of them – but the situation might change greatly especially if you have just recently moved to the area. If you’re not sure about which compounding pharmacy to go to, you can consult a doctor from the same area as yours.

Consulting the website of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists is a good idea, too. A compounding pharmacy worth its salt would have to be listed there; otherwise, it’s bogus, and you would do well to keep away from it and its claims.

Is it safe?

There are rules governing the safe sale and manufacture of compounded drugs, but it differs from country to country. Be sure that you’re familiar with the laws and the prevailing culture in a place regarding compounding pharmacies. That’s the next step in making sure that you have a compounding pharmacy that you can count on in times of emergencies and dire need.

It all sounds like risky business if you’re new in town, but any compounding pharmacy in Draper would have to be listed in the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists’ list, or else they couldn’t engage in that profession.

When you’re still unsure as to whether the pharmacy you went to is safe, you have the doctors as well as the Internet to help you out. Don’t forget to cross-check, though.

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