It Pays to be Ready: Health Care Coverage for Expats in the UAE

health care coverageHealth care in the UAE for citizens are mostly free. Even then, there are ongoing efforts to expand healthcare services for UAE citizens. As a non-citizen or expatriate, however, you will need health care coverage plans.

To get emergency medical care, you can get it from public hospitals. This is an option for anyone living in the UAE. Expats and non-citizens, however, have to pay for any medical care afterward. This can get expensive even if it is subsidised.

UAE Medical Insurance lists some things you should know when getting one.


Private health care coverage plans in the UAE are all different. It is important to know what services you (or your company) are paying for, and the limitations. In many cases, an affordable insurance policy will restrict your coverage. It could leave you with a large hospital bill for surgical procedures. In some cases, it may not even cover some standard procedures. Any medical expense you get because of a pre-existing condition is commonly not covered.


There may also be limitations when you need medical care while you are travelling. Your policy may not cover you even if you are UAE-based. Find out if you cannot get sick or hurt when travelling based on your policy’s terms and conditions.

Additional Services

Some benefits are usually not included in a policy. The most common exclusions are dental, eye and maternity care. This is standard for health care coverage plans in the UAE. This can have high out-of-pocket costs to you. Assess your circumstances and insist on additional services you are likely to use.


It can be stressful paying for a huge medical bill and then waiting forever for your claim to be processed. Choose a plan that specifies direct billing. This means the hospital will bill the insurance company directly up to whatever coverage you have. You will not have to worry about getting their money back or delays in claims processing.

Ranking 27th worldwide in healthcare quality, medical insurance in the country is still a little expensive at times. Still, this is a worthy investment, because, as they say, health is wealth.

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