Is Your Job Making You Sick?

WorkerThe workplace plays an important role in your overall health and wellbeing. This is why your employer has a legal duty to make sure the workplace stays safe and is equipped with the appropriate tools to get things done. They also have a legal responsibility to report certain accidents and incidents and pay statutory sick pay if you develop illness because of work.

Not the Work Itself

In most cases, the work itself is not the primary cause of related diseases. Poor health and safety procedures, including bad working practices, are often the culprits. Firms like often discuss how many work-related illnesses and injuries are actually preventable, including falls, fatal contact with machinery, exposure to harmful chemicals, and explosions.

When You Develop Illness

Long-term exposure to on-the-job hazards and unsafe practices heightens the possibility of developing illnesses. Commonly reported workplace conditions in the country include back pain, upper limb disorders, occupational asthma, hearing loss, and stress. These are more likely to occur if you work in poor conditions, or with dangerous equipment or substances.

Right to Be Safe and Healthy

Most risks and dangers are subtle and difficult to see at first glance. Sometimes, seemingly harmless working conditions and procedures can lead to serious illnesses. Keep in mind that you always have the right to be safe and healthy at work. You need to raise complaints, worries, or queries about health-related conditions.

The Compensation You Deserve

You can make a claim for compensation if you suffer from a work-related illness. You will need to get advice from a solicitor specialising in these types of cases. Be sure to do this as soon as possible as there is a strict time limit on taking legal action. Note, however, that there are two types of compensation claims: general and special damages.

You do not have to put up with a job that is making you sick. Consult a specialist personal injury lawyer and take necessary action. Make sure to fight for your right to receive the compensation you truly deserve.

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