Heroin Overdose Prevention Bill Advances After Hoffman’s Death

Philip-Seymour-HoffmanJust days after actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died of drug overdose, a bill meant to stem deaths from heroin overdoses has reached the New York Senate.

Life-saving drug

Sponsored by State Sen. Kemp Hannon, the bill would increase access to a special drug, known as naloxone, that can reverse overdoses from heroin.

Naloxone has been known for reversing about 10,000 overdoses since 1996. But because it’s a prescription drug, it is difficult to give it to the patients who need it most.

Hannon’s bill aim to allow physicians to distribute the drug to anyone who takes a short training course.

Freedom to use drugs

It’s unclear whether the drug could have helped Hoffman, who was apparently alone when he overdosed.

It’s a point that’s hard to argue with. Freedom opens up the arena for individual character to define how people will use drugs. Freedom alone is a blank slate that allows people to impose order on their own lives.

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