Going Through a Painful “Birth Day”

anesthesia servicesMothers don’t call it labor for nothing. The extraordinary experience of having a baby is exciting, but it takes a lot of hard work, sweat, fears, and especially pain.

Most women panic when they feel the signs of labor coming up, because they are less than prepared. There are many ways to manage labor pain, and the trick is to have as many tools in your bag as possible. It is always important to do some research and keep an open mind when it comes to childbirth.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the world of pain management:

Take Pain Medications

Anesthetics have long been the most common way to relieve pain during labor and delivery. Most hospitals use epidural anesthesia, wherein anesthesiologists inject the medication directly into the spine so that the drug bypasses the bloodstream. It is a method safer for the baby. It’s important though, that the hospital you choose for the birthing process employs only professionals in anesthesia service to ensure that you deliver a healthy baby without going through so much pain.

Carefully Choose Your Team

Knowledgeable midwives and doulas, doctors, anesthesia service professionals, and your loved loves—these people should comprise your birth team, because they are sure to treat you with patience and respect. These people may also reduce your fears and inhibitions in going through the birthing process. Doulas, women who are experienced in childbirth, are especially essential during the process. Their role is to support your decisions, but not to the point that her personal opinions are already dictating your birth.

Move Around

Walking, leaning, rocking, squatting, and changing positions can do a lot than just lying flat on the hospital bed for hours. Moving back and forth and side to side will help move the baby down to the birth canal—using gravity to your advantage is a special trick. Patients hooked up in IVs and pain medicine can still try to squat or sit by the bedside to reduce the pain.

When you feel the agony during the labor process, do not fight it; instead, embrace it, because the extraordinary feeling of giving birth to a child won’t last forever.

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