Equine Health: Keeping Horses Safe from Disease

horsesHorse riding as a sport and leisure activity is popular throughout the UK. This is why trainers always keep their horses in good health and living condition. It’s also important to look into the horse’s overall health to prevent diseases.

An Overview of Disease in Horses

Equine disease results from the horse’s poor body condition or unclean environment. Genetic disorders and autoimmune diseases are inborn, while infectious diseases can come from the soil, flies, and other horses. Most horses don’t show signs of disease, so trainers find it important to check its health records. Afterwards, they’ll provide treatments like colloidal silver for horses to keep the animals safe from microorganism strains.

Protecting Your Horse from Diseases

Caring for a stable of horses require professional know-how. If you’re thinking of getting a horse for business or leisure, there are basic care protocols you need to follow:

  1. Keep the area clean. Sanitise the feeding and water buckets, grooming kit, and head collars every after use. If possible, disinfect the stables and field shelters every day to prevent the spread of microorganisms.If a horse becomes sick, you should isolate it immediately from others to avoid passing the disease.
  2. The clothes and boots that you wear can spread disease. Change clothing and disinfect your boots every time you’re mounted on horses that you don’t own, like those from different stables or during shows. This prevents the spread of microorganism through skin contact.
  3. An effective routine health care involves efforts to maintain a healthy body that fights infection. Schedule a vaccination programme for tetanus and flu, and worm control through faecal egg counts, dung clearance, and paddock rotation. A colloidal silver treatment for horses is also necessary for antibacterial and antifungal solutions.

Keep your horses in good condition inside and out. Consult with veterinarians and other experts for more information on keeping them healthy.

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