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Smiling woman in the dentist's officeNothing is more appealing than a bright, happy smile with a shine that dazzles. However, it is natural that as we age so do our teeth and with that comes the weakening of tooth enamel and this can lead to a natural discolouring of our teeth.  No matter how much we brush and floss and how much we maintain a healthy care for our teeth, the natural ageing process can sometimes overcome that.

How can we overcome this natural discolouration?

Teeth whitening in Belfast can be the answer, providing patients with a way to feeling good about their appearance once more. It can give that last little touch to brighten their day. In Belfast, teeth whitening is a treatment that is popular and readily available at dental practices, such as Blue Sky Dentistry.

Is it just the natural ageing process that discolours teeth?

No, it’s not just age that discolours teeth. Ageing and years of brushing thins the enamel so that the yellower dentin below shows through. Along with this, certain beverages such as coffee or red wine can play a part too. Smoking also stains the teeth. There are certain medications that can result in discolouring teeth and some people are just genetically predisposed to having darker or yellower teeth. These though can all be whitened either dramatically or by just a few shades through teeth whitening in Belfast.

What is the process for whitening teeth?

There are two ways in which the process of whitening teeth in Belfast can be done. The first way can be as simple as sitting in the dental chair for an hour. This is known as a power teeth whitening session. When a patient wants results and wants them fast, this is the way to do it. The next way is for the patient to take a teeth-whitening kit home. This method can take a couple of weeks or more to achieve results. Either way the patient is assured a treatment which is painless and results in brighter, whiter teeth. How long the treatment will last will depend on the patient’s level of dental hygiene, diet, and lifestyle habits.

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