Braces at 30? Why Not

Man ready to have his braces with his dentistGone are the days when braces would mean kids who are hitting puberty with metallic appliances in their mouth. Thanks to modern dental technology and advancements, adults can also have their teeth straightened.

Adult braces are on the rise as more adults continue to cater the idea of having their teeth aligned regardless of their age. and other orthodontists noted that you dentist can help you have the right type of adult dental braces. On your end, here are some things to keep in mind to survive your treatment period:

Choose your brace type

One of the reasons adults are not afraid to have their teeth aligned is because there are different kinds of braces, aside from traditional metal ones, available. These new types aim to conceal the treatment by placing it behind the teeth (lingual braces), disguising as real teeth (veneers), or simply sporting clear plastic appliance (Invisalign).

“It is now a norm.”

If you are still hesitant, keep the above phrase in mind. Dentists have a significant increase in adults wanting to have their teeth straightened because modern technology has made things easier.

Always consult with your dentist

Your office-mate, sister, and neighbor might be sporting braces and have their own opinions to share. However, it is important to consult with a dental professional to have the right treatment for your condition.

Months of pain for a lifetime of great smile

You endured 30 years of wrong bite and awkward smile. Change that reality and be able to enjoy the next 50 years with comfort and a confident smile. Adult braces can be worn as short as six months or as much as 18 months depending on your condition.

Surviving adult braces is more than just enduring the pain. It is more on conditioning your mind that you need it and that the results would be worth it.

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