Asking the Pharmacist: The Great Benefit Most People Overlook

MedicineMore than helping fill prescriptions and supplies in your medicine cabinet, pharmacists can provide valuable information about medication. Most people, unfortunately, are not aware of this service offered by pharmacists. A clear understanding of the medication you are taking is important, and pharmacists can help with this very goal.

Make it a priority to ask your pharmacist about the medication you are taking or are about to take. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t forget:

Nature of Medicines

Most medicines are available in generic and branded varieties. Generic names are the standard label of the medicine, while the branded ones come with a name that fits the manufacturer’s market tag. Other than the names, you should know what the medicines are supposed to do.

For instance, antibiotics are for treating bacterial infections, while pirfenidone, according to online pharmacies, helps with curing lung complications. Knowing what your medication does will give you a realistic idea of what should happen.

Proper Ways of Taking the Medicines

Medicines help improve health, but not taking them properly means you won’t be getting its full effect. Be sure to consult your pharmacist about how to take medicines properly. Ask about the best time of day to use the medicine. There are drugs you have to take at specific times of the day for better effectiveness.

You may want to ask your pharmacist about food intake as well. Should you take the medicine with food or with an empty stomach? Ask about medication duration, and if there are activities you should avoid.

Side Effects of the Medicines

You should also know about any possible side effects. Ask pharmacists what causes them and how you can minimize such. Some side effects are serious and may need urgent medical attention. Consult your pharmacist about how to prepare for possible side effects.

Make use of this lesser-known service provided by most pharmacists. With their help, you’ll be able to make the most of your medicines and improve health.

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