A Step-by-Step Procedure in Dental Implants

DentistryThere is no replacing real teeth, and some people would rather save their teeth than wear dentures. That’s why dental implants are now available in dental clinics to give patients the option to wear synthetic, permanent teeth that feels like real teeth.

But how do dentists perform dental implants? Before performing dental implants, a team of professionals specially trained in oral surgery and restorative dentistry will develop an individualised treatment plan for you.

Cosmeticdentistrybelfast.co.uk lists dental implants as one of the top cosmetic dentistry procedures around the world.

Implantation Proper

Dentists will first check whether the area where they have extracted your tooth can support your new implant. The dental implant looks like a natural tooth, but instead made of titanium, a substance stronger and lighter than steel (and safe to put inside the mouth). The implant will then act as a tooth replacement on the extraction site, attaching it securely to your jawbone.

Healing Post-Procedure

Gums would heal within six to 12 weeks. The gums would close over the incision used to implant the device, making it part of the bone itself in a process called osseointegration.

Now that you know how doctors perform dental implants, your next likely question is how painful they are. The good news is that most patients who received dental implants say they experienced very little discomfort. This is because dentists inject local anaesthesia during the procedure, usually in the gums surrounding the extraction site. This kills any sensation, including pain, in the affected area.

There may be mild soreness after the surgery, but dentists will usually prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and painkillers after the procedure.

Dental implants serve to replace lost teeth due to extraction. While they are artificial, and a long way to replacing natural teeth, they serve the same purpose, and prevent further maladies from afflicting your mouth and gums.

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