3 Ways to Deal with Chipped Teeth

Solution for Chipped TeethA simple accident or a particularly hard food is all it takes to chip, crack, or knock out a tooth. This is how easy it is to suffer from chipped or broken teeth. These things happen quite frequently, but whilst the situation is all too common, not everyone is aware of how to deal with it afterwards.

Ergo, there is a need for an introduction on how to address chipped teeth. Dentists from Cranmore Dental & Implant Clinic say patients have three available options in such a scenario:


If the chipped portion of the tooth is not that bad, dental bonding would be enough to do the trick. This is a process in which the dentist applies the materials onto the tooth in different layers. After that, the dentist sculpts the tooth properly to regain its original shape and contour. The final touch here would be an ultraviolet light that hardens the material to secure it to the tooth’s surface.


Veneers are also a good choice for minor chips on a tooth. A veneer is a shell-like accessory made of porcelain that a dentist attaches to a tooth’s front surface. The process of getting tooth veneers follows different steps, so be sure to prepare accordingly.


Bonding may not be enough if the damage is quite extensive. In this situation, the dentist could suggest putting in a crown. The procedure here is to cover the natural tooth or teeth with a porcelain cap. This is a great way to keep the tooth protected from damage or decay.

The method necessary to fix a chipped tooth depends entirely on the severity of the injury. Bonding would be enough for the simplest of injuries, whilst severe cases may require the use of crowns.

Whatever the case may be, it is best to consult a dentist as soon as possible if ever a tooth of yours gets chipped, cracked, or crooked. From there, your dentist would be the one to decide how to bring back your smile to its flawless charm.

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