Why Erect Tanks to API 650 Standards?

Reasons to Make Tanks to API 650 StandardsIn 1961, the API 650 standards were published by the American Petroleum Institute. This detailed the methodology that is to be used to create tanks for the gas and oil industry in the country. But companies that stored water, fertilizers, chemicals and food in above ground storage tanks, were not required to meet these standards as per the federal law.

However, some states require you to comply with the standards and also require API 650 repair regulations to be followed. There are three main reasons why it is advisable to follow the standards prescribed.

  • Built for safety

The API 650 is based on principles to engineer and build a safe tank. These standards are constantly revised by the best structural engineers in the world and some knowledgeable tank owners. This standard will make sure that tanks are economical and safe to use. The API 653 concentrates on ensuring whether the storage tank is suitable for storing a particular liquid. The structural needs of the storage tanks following the standards, are such that they can handle extreme temperatures, earthquakes, high winds and other such influences.

  • State and international standards

API 650 is a standard which is internationally recognised for building storage tanks. There are some states that have the same guidelines on constructing and preserving storage tanks. Implementing these storage tank standards can help prevent spills and leaks. Thus your products are not wasted and you also protect the environment and the people around you.

  • Customer rights

By adhering to the API 650 tank building standards you protect the tank customer rights. The customers can ask for all the papers that show that the tanks are constructed according to the prescribed standards. The standards specify that the customer can reject any product that does not completely comply with the API 650 standards. As a customer, you have the right to question the tank manufacturers for the steel certifications, integrity reports and the API 650 standard certification.

Thus building the storage tanks according to the standards is advisable as it is beneficial in more ways than one.

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