Using Neutral Colours in Interior Design

well-designed interiorWhile some prefer the vibrancy of bold colours, others like the calming plainness of neutral tones. Apart from making a good backdrop for colourful accents to stand out, blacks, whites, and greys can also be a central part of your interior design. Here are some tips on decorating with these hues just like how professional interior design firms in Perth do it:

Mix Light and Dark Tinges

Don’t crowd your room with just one shade, as it will become boring and too plain. While it’s fine to have beige or white wallpapers, floors, and furniture, it’s important that they’re not exactly of the same colour. Look for varieties of the shade you want and use this. At the same time, play with dark hues, and use it to create contrast. Light colours render a feeling of calmness and dark neutrals give depth to an area.

Make Muted Colours Work

Black, grey, white, and brown aren’t the only neutral colours. Don’t confine yourself to these hues. When going for a room with neutral shades, add little muted tinges in different areas to create a focal point. This will establish a part of the room that sparks interest.

Match Undertones

All colours have their own undertones, which is why you should make sure the undertones of everything in a room works together. Match these shades throughout the house.

Maximise Textures and Patterns

The ambiance is a product of colours, textures, and patterns working together. It’s not enough that you focus on a particular hue and that’s it; make sure that it feels the way you want it to. Textures also add interest to your area. Mix and match the right surfaces to achieve your design. For example, contrast slate with smooth ceramic tiles or combine wool and satin together. Patterns, on the other hand, can create the illusion of depth and texture. Play with spots, stripes, and shapes in your design.

Meddle with Lighting

Many fail to realise the importance of lighting, but even a dully decorated room can be interesting under the right light. Soft central lights work best neutrals as it boosts the interest in your layout. Other than overhead lights, make sure that you have some task lights like table lamps available for a more striking floor plan.

You can make neutral colours work and still keep it interesting. As long as you keep these things in mind, your design will have a unique, attractive appeal.

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