Truck Driving: Staying Safe on the Road

truck drivingCommercial truck driving is an in-demand job in New York and other states; some are even proposing that drivers should be allowed to put in as many as 82 hours a week on the road. The recent accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan, however, may force the Congress to review the proposition more carefully. According to reports, the driver had been awake for over 24 hours when the truck collided with Morgan’s limo bus.

Truck driving is a challenging job. This is why many New York truck driving schools provide comprehensive training programs to those aspiring to become professional drivers. Here are some safety tips you’ll learn when attending a truck driving or commercial driving school:

Perform Vehicle Inspections

A truck driver should inspect the vehicle before, en route and after a trip. Before setting out, you should review the last vehicle inspection report and make sure maintenance mechanics have released the vehicle for service. Check the gauges regularly for any sign of problem. During each stop, assess your tires, wheels, rims, brakes, and lights. You should also make sure that your cargo is secure.

Learn to Communicate with Other Drivers

Learning to communicate with other drivers on the road is a basic skill you should learn. Remember three rules with signaling:

Signal a few seconds before turning or switching lanes to prevent other drivers from trying to pass you.
Signal continuously until you’ve moved to the other lane successfully or completed a turn.
After performing your intentions, make sure to cancel your signal, otherwise, you may confuse the drivers behind you.

Stay Alert

Schedule your trips appropriately to stay alert on the road. If you’re used to sleeping during specific hours, avoid driving during that period, as you’ll most likely be sleepy. Furthermore, keep your cab comfortable, as a poorly ventilated cab can make you less alert.

Having a successful career in the trucking industry doesn’t just mean putting hundreds of hours behind the wheel. It also means becoming a safe and reliable driver.

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