Straw Hats – Making a Style Statement

Girl wearing a cowboy hatStraw cowboy hats are all the rage and are likely to remain style statements forever. These straw hats are usually reserved for the summer months, and the styles and materials used to make them are many. Here’s a rundown of the types, so you can choose one which grabs your interest:

Types of American Straw Cowboy Hats

Bangora: These cowboy hats are machine made and less expensive than a handmade one.  This variety and a few others will stand up to rough use and keep you cool during the summer.  Since they have lacquer on them to keep their shape, be careful while cleaning so that you can retain the shape.

X’s: The name originated from the counting of felt in the hat and it has become an indicator of quality. If you are looking for a top-quality straw cowboy hat, A.A. Callister recommends buying one with 10x or higher, as it will keep you cool and go well with your outfit for an evening event.

Palm Leaf Cowboy Hats: These hats are a bit more expensive than the traditional straw hat, but they are easier to clean up.  They can also be shaped easily by dunking them in water and then shaping the brim the way you want it to look.                                                     

Hat-related Rules

After deciding which one you really like and want for your wardrobe, here are some points on etiquette to keep in mind:

1.       Never touch another person’s hat.

2.       Even if you mess up your Bangora straw hat, put your hat down on the crown and not the brim. 

3.       Don’t ever throw your hat on a bed.  People think it will bring bad luck and you will fall off your horse.

4.       Take off your hat whenever you step into a room or a house.

As much as it’s a style statement wearing a hat, it’s important to know some basic hat etiquette. So choose your hat tastefully and play by the rules. 

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