Ski Guide: Choosing the Correct Ski Equipment

SkiingIf you are wondering what it would be like to ski down a slope, you know that there is only one answer to that. No amount of reading ski manuals or watching films of skiers will ever be enough to fully capture the thrill and excitement of skiing. However, before going up the slopes you need to be prepared. And when it comes to preparations, the choice of ski equipment is a must.

Just like the first time you rode your bicycle where you had to choose the correct gear, skiing also requires you to be properly equipped. This means that your ski equipment should be just right for your body size, height, and skill level. Here are a few tips you may need before visiting ski shops in Vail.

Consider your Anthropometric Measurements

Almost all skiing experts agree that skiing beginners need to have the correctly-sized skis. This is often achieved by using a ski size chart that takes into consideration your height as well as your weight. For example, if you were around 1.5 meters tall, you would expect to get a ski that has a length of around 135 to 155 centimeters. As a general rule however, it is best to choose a ski that is as long as the height from your feet up to between your chin and the top of your head.

Consider the Type of Terrain you are Going to Ski On

While the length of the ski is a good starting point for beginners like you, you also have to understand that different terrains will require different skis. Furthermore, different types of skiing will also require significantly different ski equipment.

  • If you seek ski equipment that is great for almost any terrain, then you need to choose one that has a waist of medium width, a medium radius sidecut, and an early-rise tip style of rocker.
  • If you intend on going big mountain skiing, choose ski equipment that has a wider underfoot, a longer turn radius, and a full rocker profile.
  • If you prefer skiing in the back country or just go Alpine skiing, then choose equipment with a medium width and a full camber profile.
  • If you prefer skiing on soft powder, choose one that has a considerable width, a reverse sidecut, and a rocker profile.
  • If you need a ski for freestyle, choose equipment that has a slightly narrow width and a traditional camber profile.

Essentially, the choice of ski equipment actually depends on how comfortable you are with the gear. So, it is always advisable to try them on first before purchasing.

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