Should You Remove Roof Moss On Your Own?

Moss-Covered Roof Houses all over the country have roofs made from different kinds of materials like metal, wood, concrete tiles, clay, and asphalt. All of them, however, are areas where moss can grow and accumulate. The roof is under high exposure to rainfall and humidity, the two things that moss needs to grow and thrive.

Moss growth is more prominent on the roof’s north side where it stays wet for a longer period. Big trees produce more shade on the roof that can promote the growth and development of moss. Rainfall and dew takes longer to dry up on the roof’s surface due to the reduced amount of sunlight it gets.

Roof damage ahead

While a moss-covered roof can give your house that quaint medieval look, moss can be more of a nightmare than a fairy tale. Left without treatment, the verdant growth of moss can result in the degradation of roofing material, especially wood and asphalt.

Why is removing moss from your roof important?

Action Maintenance & Construction Northwest and other experts say that roof moss removal is a task that should take place on a seasonal basis (or whenever necessary) to keep your roof protected and good-looking.

Below are some of the advantages of removing moss on your roof:

  • Prevents gutters from getting clogged

  • Prevents underground drainage from blockages

  • Enhances your roof’s appearance

  • Prevents damage on tile surface

  • Enables you to see and replace the damaged tiles under the layer of moss

  • Removal of thick moss can extend the lifespan of your roof

Not for DIYers

Cleaning moss off roofs can be a risky task. Wet algae and moss on an inclined roof can be slippery as ice. Working on rooftops is dangerous and is not recommended as a do-it-yourself task.

A fit homeowner can perform the task but, in most cases, moss removal on roofs involves the use of ladders, towers, harnesses, and other equipment. It’s not that complicated either but you should still leave the job to a professional company that specializes in rooftop services.

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