Onward to a Keyless Future


Keyless Entry Door

The world has gone a long way from crude, simplistic lock systems. Today, everything is classified as smart: smartphones, smart homes, and even smart locks. The latter, with aid from commercial locksmiths like Goldy Locks, Inc., is paving the way to a keyless future.

Forget About Keys And Keyrings Soon

Having a boatload of keys is troublesome. You’re always liable to misplace or lose one, or if your luck’s worse, all of them. But, life nowadays is too fast-paced to waste several minutes just to find lost keys. Today’s the age of keyless security — the days of bringing a lot of keys might soon be long gone.

Today’s keyless security systems are much more intuitive. But, this idea isn’t exactly new; it was already conceived back in 1975. Norwegian engineer and inventor Tor Sørnes is the one to come up with the world’s first electronic keycard lock. As a result, a new market for programmable locks opened up. Since then, security systems can now be accessed using fingerprints, passwords, and even facial recognition.

The Dawn Of Handheld Security

A good number of today’s keyless security systems are controlled via a smartphone app. From their device, users can unlock and lock their doors remotely. They can then choose who to share their passcodes with—family, close friends, and everyone else within their inner circle—provided that trust is not an issue.

That’s not even the meatiest part. These systems can be set to activate at a specified time in case the user forgets to lock up. Lastly, the app takes note of who comes and goes through the system in a log, allowing users to keep track of what’s going on.

Digital Crooks

But, what about hackers? Here’s one truth about keyless entry systems: they’re still not literally theft-proof. Hackers can still find their way through these locks if they try hard enough. For one, keyless entry systems on cars aren’t particularly safe—they’re often broken into a lot of times. But, fear not: hackers breaking into keyless system-protected homes are still few and far between.

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