Life Lessons You Can Learn from Being a SAF Volunteer

SAF VolunteerSingapore is heightening its national defence and security to protect its citizens. In fact, the military is eyeing on a budget to get the latest weapons and equipment to prepare themselves for sudden attacks. If you want to be part of them, lucky for you because the national defence has opened its doors for women and immigrants who want to serve the country. You can now volunteer for the national defence and acquire life lessons that only men and locals get:

Teens learn patriotism and self-improvement

Social trends, especially in fashion, technology and behaviour, have caused teens to overlook the essence of patriotism. This is why the country is encouraging the young ones to become SAF volunteers. They can have the sense of patriotism by learning to stand on their own, improving their physical strength, and serving the country without being told to do so.

Gender equality is reinforced

National defence is a duty for all men, but nothing is constant, especially now with Singapore's ageing population. This has paved the way for women to volunteer for SAF. The military believes that women can likewise contribute to the national defence with proper training. Training can strengthen their physical and mental abilities and help them learn how to handle rifles, grenades and defence strategies. Women who passed the training have proven that they can do what men can do.

Foreigners pay forward the good deeds

Many first-degree permanent residents and new citizens join the defence team because they want to feel they belong to the country. They were fully welcomed to live in the country after all. noted that volunteering is their way of giving back and paying forward the trust and everything the country has offered them.

Everyone can be a leader

Leadership is not only measured by power, seniority or uniforms. In training, you can develop leadership not only in national security but also in your roles. You can have assignments at a medical field, legal defence or technical role according to their skills. This shows that anyone can become skilled and be a leader in case emergency occurs.

Volunteering is a good opportunity to contribute to the national defence and support national service. With progressive training, you can be more competent, be united and be prepared for terror attacks. Most importantly, you can learn and understand the sacrifices that men have given for the country. 

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