Fishing Memories: Getting Your Kids to Enjoy a Fishing Trip

family fishingFishing trips are some of the most nostalgic experiences a person can have in life, so it’s understandable that you would want to share it with your own children. But, your children are part of a different generation and do not have the same fond memories of fishing as you do. The generation gap is never more apparent than when a parent and child are alone in each other’s company with nothing but the sound of ripples to be heard.

You need to understand children. It’s not because they don’t want your company or don’t appreciate the gesture of a fishing trip, but they don’t have the same experience you did when you were a child. Don’t panic and lose your temper if your children don’t immediately jump for joy at the prospect of the trip. Children need to learn how to appreciate the simple joys that this kind of trip can offer; you can’t force it on them. Once they accept that sitting on a boat for a few hours waiting for something to tug at a line can be fun, they’ll carry that feeling with them for the rest of their lives.

The question that arises then is how to make a fishing trip fun for a generation stimulated by the internet, television, and video games. This seemingly impossible task can actually be done in three easy steps.

Three Steps

First, don’t make the trip sound like an obligation; nobody likes the feeling of being forced into anything. The fishing part should sound like a happy consequence of the trip, instead of the main event.

Second, a trigger goes off in young minds at the mention of the words ‘fishing trip’, and they will automatically reject the idea for reasons even they don’t understand. But, calling it a ‘fishing tour’ evades that trigger and may even pique the interest of some children.

Lastly, don’t push them in the boat on the first day; let them want to get in by themselves. The difficulty of this last step may vary in difficulty depending on the location of your trip. The process might take some time if you’re going to a secluded lake miles from any form of civilisation. But, if you plan to take a speedboat to an exotic beach, you’ll find your children more receptive to the idea.

The most important thing to do on any fishing trip, though, isn’t trying to get your children to come along, it’s bonding with them and making memories that they’ll want to make with their kids someday.

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