Expansion Of Free Nursery Places Should Be Delayed — Study

A study suggests the expansion of free nursery places for disadvantaged two-year-olds should be delayed until the government can guarantee good quality provision. The study, which is for the Sutton Trust education charity, says the current levels of quality in nurseries may not be enough to deliver the expansion successfully.

Not Yet Available

Free NurseryThe report says that England’s scheme could help narrow the gap between rich and poor, but good quality childcare places aren’t available yet for the 92,000 toddlers currently in free places.

“The importance of ensuring good quality provision cannot be overstated. Worryingly, our review suggests that much current provision is not yet fit for purpose, risking the success of the program in achieving its stated aims,” the report says.

“Outstanding Settings”

Children’s minister Liz Truss, however, said 90 percent of places on the scheme were in “outstanding settings.”

She said the government is taking steps to raise quality, such as reforming early years qualifications, working with Ofsted to improve and strengthen the regime, and introducing early years teachers.

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