Child Development through the Left and Right Brain Hemispheres

child creativity developmentHave you ever taken a psychological test to determine which side of your brain is the dominant one? Brain dominance has been a favourite research topic for years, and it has been a source of entertainment for those who love pop psychology.

If you are among the many parents wondering how brain dominance affects your child’s development, Heguru Education Centre shares details to help you understand the topic:

Left Hemisphere

The left cerebral hemisphere holds linguistic, mathematical, and analytical skills. Individuals with left-brain dominance are comfortable with words, numbers, and reasoning. A left-brain dominant person will give specific directions based on street names, while those with a dominant right-brain will do so using place markers like a restaurant, church, or gas station.

Right Hemisphere

Considered the intuitive hemisphere, the right brain holds creativity, spatial awareness, and imaginative thinking. Right-brain dominant individuals generally understand the interrelation of things in various contexts, and are good at recognising places, objects, and faces. These people also have more fine-tuned musical abilities, allowing them to play instruments and learn pieces with ease.

Child Training

It is always best to consult child psychologists to better understand your child’s brain dominance. These experts will conduct tests to determine your child’s skills. They will recommend the appropriate left or right brain training for babies based on the results. You can either enrol your child in development classes or conduct the trainings at home. Of course, their social skills will also be honed in these classes because they will interact with other children their age. If you prefer to be a hands-on mom or dad, you can ask for tips and focus on your child at home.

While the different hemispheres of the brain are said to hold different skills and attributes, perhaps it’s better if both are well-trained for your baby. The left and right hemispheres are joined by the corpus callosum, after all, and your child can be sort of ambidextrous, if only it’s in the brain. Some psychologists believe the left and right brain dominance to be a myth, so it’s still better if you consult your child psychologist on the best practices in rearing your child.

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