Top 3 Reasons to Visit Alaska

Kenai riverAlaska evokes cold nights, dark skies, and endless snow-capped mountains that do not elicit the same response as beaches in California or the entertainment in New York. This state has a raw appeal that attracts the adventurous traveller and piques the interest of casual holiday goers.

There are plenty of reasons to pack your bags and go to Alaska. shares some of them here.

Nature at Its Rawest

Alaska has stunning scenery from glaciers to towering mountains and serene lakes. Go on hikes or biking excursions through the lush countryside or mountainous vistas. The Kenai Fjords National Park is a must-visit destination worthy of inclusion in the places-to-visit-before-you-die list. This southern part of the state drifts into the Gulf of Alaska, where the land defies the sea with its razor-like peninsula and craggy headlands. The sea slithers inland with arm-like fjords between snow-capped mountains or glaciers.

Observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Take pictures of polar, black, or brown bears or sit back and listen to bison and moose as they wander in the wilderness. Go on a fishing tour or watch orcas as they swim and hunt in the Continental Shelf.

Photographers’ Heaven

People posing with peace signs will not interfere with a picture perfect moment on a trip to Alaska’s national parks. Hone your photography skills as you take photographs of moose in their natural environment or beautiful landscapes in the state’s many parks. Play with natural light or framing without the bothersome crowds.

Get Away from it All

Staying away from the crowds in beaches or popular tourist destinations is easy in Alaska. The remoteness of the tourist destinations only appeals to the adventurous and nature lovers. Go on a hike with a small group and enjoy the beautiful glaciers and mountains that will greet you on your journey. Rent a cabin or camp out in one of Alaska’s parks or homey, small towns. Unplugging from the world is easy when you wake up to the sound of animals and rushing rivers, and lush forests.

Alaska offers majestic landscapes, breathtaking national parks, wildlife in their natural habitat, and the perfect place to disconnect from the world. There are plenty of reasons to visit this state on your next vacation.

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