The Journey, Not the Destination: Backpacking the Western Australia Stretch

Backpacking is a truly enjoyable experience. It is a chance to break free from the daily grind of life. By travelling, you get to feel what it is like to be dynamic, free soul. And if ever you chance upon Western Australia as the next venue of your outdoor adventure, you have to prepare a few things. Here are some.

Travel Guide

car rentalTourists tend to get lost in foreign lands if they are uninformed, so it’s best to have someone who knows the place. Being a backpacker, you will surely want to experience the many aspects of Western Australia on your own, such as the food, nightlife, tourist spots and historical monuments, among others. The help of a local to point you in the right direction will certainly help a lot.

This guide need not be a personal friend of yours. He can be a known cultural sadvocate who know a thing or two about the history and culture of WA, or a prominent food blogger in the region who can point you to the best chowdown spots for any budget.

Mode of Transportation

Of course, knowing that you will be backpacking, you expect to go by foot. Go by foot, and just stay the local inn or hotel along the way on your travels. Though this can be fun and exciting in its way, it will probably save you more money when you plan your route. Being in Western Australia, you will probably start off in Perth, the capital of said region. You can choose to get around with usual taxi cabs or even go with bicycle rentals. If you want wheels though, there are many car rental services in the city such as Aries Car Rental. If in case you have friends going with you and you need more than a six-seater to accommodate you, that there are also vans for hire within the city. Once you have transport, you can go around the city in style, and from there on out, continue to Albany, Rockingham, and other towns in Western Australia.

Research on Local Customs and Laws

You do not want to be the tourist who walks into a bar and says or does something that puts a frown of disbelief on the faces of the bar’s patrons. Like going anywhere else, you have to know the norms of the place you will be visiting. Know the offensive expressions or gestures you should avoid. Also, give the region’s local law a quick read. Being a tourist is not an excuse to be ignorant of the law. Of course, though the locals might extend a certain berth of tolerance to foreigners, it is best to be informed.

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