Eat and Ingest the Culture of Norway and Argentina

NorwayFood represents culture in an outburst of flavour that people travel the world for in order to taste. From the Multekrem of Norway to Argentina’s asado, you’re sure to get the best taste of each culture in your travel.

Make Your Way to Norway

Once in Norway, people who fancy meat will find it hard to leave. Norwegian menus abound in fish and duck meat, which are smoked, grilled, cured, poached, fried, or salted and dried. Other more exotic ones like elk, reindeer, and seal serve as ingredients for the dishes you’re not likely to forget.

Their love for meat traces back to their traditional food. They consist mainly of materials found in bodies of waters and mountains, making game a center of native delicacies.

Vegetarians, on the other hand, may try to experience leafy paradise in just 48 hours in Oslo, but they’re bound to regret leaving too soon. Setting aside travel time for the purpose of enjoying food creates a tempting solution, especially because of the expenses. There are, nevertheless, plenty of inexpensive options for tourists to take to enjoy quality food on a budget.

Get Lost in Argentina

Food definitely tastes better when the price is right, and Argentina understands that logic well. The common parilla, pasta, and bodegones washed down with cool wine makes you feel right at home in a country with unique colors and traditions.

Asado or barbeque demands attention from first-timers, as a visit to Argentina is not complete without spending time by the grill. While you’re doing so, why not have a bite of Chimichurri? The fine blend of parsley, chili pepper flakes, vinegar, onion, and other ingredients complements meat like no other condiment can.

Another thing natives have to be grateful to cows for is the dulce de leche or milk jam. The caramel, thick and sweet, completes food like empanadas and alfajores. Instead of beer or wine, the yerba mate leaves a fine aftertaste for all the food and experiences earned in a trip to Argentina.

Norway and Argentina are but two of the countries food lovers and chefs should travel to for their food. Each place has its own specialty, and eating their food enables you to have a better grasp of what their culture is all about.

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