Cities to Visit for Architectural Design Inspiration

SydneyThe creation of a building design requires inspiration, like other forms of art. More than leaving an impression, the architect’s job requires checking both their design’s purpose and overall appearance. Over the years, the standards for functionality and aestheticism evolved as lifestyles changed. This is evident in the shifting trends in building and city structures. While some architecture influences remain, there are innovations as well. Here are only a few cities bearing remarkable architecture that may spark some inspiration:

Sydney, Australia

Famous for its distinct Opera House, Sydney offers more contemporary art influence. Australia’s escalating urban development provides other insights on modern structures, whether for residential or commercial use. Sydney’s Central Business District highlights ideas on stylish and elegant skyscrapers, like ANZ Bank Centre, Chifley Tower, and Deutsch Bank Place.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A city where history and modernity beautifully combine, Dubai is a haven for architectural inspiration. The Burj Al Arab spearheads its long list of majestic buildings. In addition to that, the Arab architects are not stopping in developing new projects. People should watch out for the “Dynamic Tower,” a building project set to beat records for its unique design and construction speed.

St. Petersburg, Russia

This colourful city has a vast diversity of architectural influences, from Petrine baroque to the modern eclecticism. Tourists delight in the sight of various landmarks like the Palace of the Tsars, Smolny Cathedral, and Peter and Paul Fortress. The beautiful mixture of building designs makes St. Petersburg one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Montreal, Canada

Another amalgamation of old and new architecture, Montreal buildings are either French, British, or modern-inspired. Take a cue from its famous churches like Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Notre-Dame Basilica, the Anglican Christ Church Cathedral, and Saint James United Church. Another astonishing landmark is the eerie but impressive apartment complex called Habitat 67.

Hundreds of cities in the world bear unique mixtures of architectural influences that a single article is not enough to mention and describe all of them. This article covers only a few cities, but these definitely make the cut of places to go to for architecture inspiration.

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