Becoming a Londoner in Three Steps

estate agentsLondon is a place not just for those originally from the city and surrounding areas, but also for people who wholeheartedly embrace the city’s heritage and believe that they belong. Making the decision to settle in this fantastic city is one of the best choices you will make in life.

Thankfully, estate agents in Dulwich and Kent, such as Olivers London, and the online lifestyle portals of BBC and The Guardian help tourists and immigrants make the most of the city. Becoming a Londoner, though, is much more than seeing the Big Ben or marvelling at the expanse of Hyde Park. There are some traditions that you need to observe and a number of trivial roadblocks to overcome. This article serves as your guide to surviving and thriving in one of the world’s most favourite cities.

Extend Your Telly Time

There is so much more to London and the rest of the UK than Doctor Who and Downton Abbey. Learn more about the culture of London by extending your time in front of the telly. Other than learning more about the culture, the shows you watch will provide you something to talk about when you get to socialise with others. The more you watch and listen, the more you understand the accent and vibe of the city.

Go Beyond the Underground

Tourists usually go into Underground to experience what it is like to move around the city like a true Londoner. But if you are to live in the city long-term, you might not want to rely on the ways of the tourist. Riding a train in the Underground is one of the fastest ways to go about the city, but if you want more comfort, you might want to try other modes of transport, such as bicycles and cabs. If you want to experience something more extreme than the Tube, try the night bus. The night bus is your last resort if you don’t get to catch the last train.

Get Used to Right-Hand Driving

You need not learn this in case you are moving from another part of the UK. This rule applies to settlers from other countries, where left hand-drive is the norm. It may feel weird at first, but getting used to it is surprisingly easy, especially if you’ve been driving for so long.

To blend in naturally, drive to the grocer’s or other places that are frequented by locals, such as restaurants. You can learn more about the city’s culture if you get to socialise with people beyond your neighbourhood. You may also ask your estate agent or tour guide, if you’re a transient visitor, to point you to places where there are happenings.

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