Why America is Turning to Home Health Care

home health careThe costs of sending someone to a nursing home in America are continuously rising; the average of which is a whopping $91,000 every year. This is so staggering that it costs almost three years of college tuition.

With more elders in need of professional healthcare services, the costs to cover them are simply too much for the average household. This is why more people are looking into home health care, for themselves and their loved ones. Why?


Having your parents or grandparents with you may be difficult, especially if you have to work during the day, because this mean you won’t be able to attend to their needs immediately.

Getting in touch with a home health care provider will give your loved ones professional and quality care when you’re not around. With the help of online resources, like My Care Match, you can easily find the right health care provider to suit their medical needs, at the comfort and convenience of your or their own home.


Subtract the cost of lodging in nursing homes—this reduces the costs hugely. By only getting care services when needed, your medical bill will see lower numbers and give you more money for medicine and other important aspects of healthcare.

While private institutions boast top quality care and service, their prices may be too steep to even afford.


The National Association for Home Care & Hospice’s mission is to bring back health care home, where it belongs. The basic building block of society is the family—it nurtures, and protects. With health care provided for at home, your loved ones are able to heal and get better amidst the people they hold dear and treasure most.

Although this is a viable option for all, there are not enough to accommodate everyone’s health care needs. But if properly addressed, there will be no need to bring the elderly to a separate home just to accommodate their needs, and families will stay together for a longer time.

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