Where’s The Warehouse: The Right Storage Facility for Your Business

warehouseRegardless of the industry you are in, the supply chain is an aspect that directly influences all aspects of operation. Considering this, it is important to find a warehouse that satisfies the needs of the business as far as logistics is concerned.

The search for a warehouse is a straightforward process. All you need to do find a broker that will lead you to a suitable property, and consult with a commercial real estate lawyer to make the necessary arrangements.  This, however, is always easier said than done; be specific when identifying your needs.

Here is a quick look at some of the things to take into account when looking for a warehouse:

The Size of the Facility

The size of the facility will depend on the type of goods you will stock. Keep the size and weight of the goods in mind at all times. Do not just look at the floor area of the warehouse; consider the ceiling height as well because you are more than likely to stock goods vertically.

The size of the warehouse should allow you to set up equipment for packaging and other processes. It should also let you create business-related quarters, such as control rooms, cafeterias, and recreational areas for employees.

The Location

The ideal location will help minimize the time needed for sourcing and delivering goods. The location of the warehouse should be close to highways, railways, ports, and major thoroughfares. Ideally, your warehouse should be easily accessible from distribution centers.


Whether you are buying a facility or leasing it for some time, your budget will depend on the type of warehouse you are getting. Typically, warehouses situated close to major highways come with a hefty price tag. The same is true for storage facilities with existing amenities.

The right warehouse for your business depends on a wide range of factors. It is important that you look into each item to avoid incurring higher costs and to ensure logistical efficiency.

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