Top American Regional Words To Adopt Immediately

top americanYou may feel like the locals are speaking a different language when traveling across the US. This is where the Dictionary of American Regional English comes handy. In celebration of slang, here are some unfamiliar words around the country that you’ll want to start working into conversation.

Whoopensocker (n.) Wisconsin

You are aware that something’s pleasingly special, but the words “unique” and “wonderful” aren’t enough to express that feeling. This is why the Wisconsinites coined the term whoopensocker. It refers to anything strange yet beautiful of its kind – from an unforgettable kiss to a knee-melting dance move.

Jabble (v.) Virginia

Do you have those moments when you’re standing for hours at your front door scouring through your bag because you can’t find the keys? This is because all the things in your bag got all jabbled up. This word means to mix or shake up. If used less literally, it means to befuddle or confuse.

Sneetered (v.) Kentucky

You’ve been sneetered if you’ve been duped, swindled, scammed or hoodwinked. Sniter, the noun version, refers to the deceitful person responsible for the ill-fated sneetering. This term is normally used for unscrupulous people and politicians.

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