There’s More to a Leaky Roof Than Just a Dripping Problem

Roof Repair in Salt Lake CityThe roof you have installed on your Salt Lake City home provides you and your loved ones with protection from various external factors, such as harsh weather, insects, animals, and polluted air. Despite the major roles they play in the life of consumers, though, they are often one of the most neglected components of a home.

Just because roofing systems can last for so many years does not mean you should no longer give them the attention they require. That very small damage in the form of a leak? It should already concern you. That tiny crack or hole can quickly cause structural damage or even turn your roof into a safety hazard.

Damage to insulation

Leaks in your roof can moisten or dampen your home’s insulation materials. When this happens, you can expect molds and mildew to come next. Molds and mildew can trigger asthma and allergic reactions, and sometimes, breathing difficulties even in people who otherwise have good health conditions.

Mold damage

Molds do not only pose health hazards; it can also put your home at risk of structural damage so severe that it can cause components to give away and collapse. When you allow mold damage to continue and not do anything at all, you pretty much will end up with a much bigger dent on your wallet because of costly restoration services.


Water from your faulty roof can actually cause fires: that water dripping from the damaged roof can find itself coming into contact with your electrical system, sparking and starting a fire. You and everyone else in your family are also at risk of electrocution when this happens.

You should never ignore those problems in your roof, however, tiny the leak may be. Contact a roof repair service in Salt Lake City right away to get things fixed ASAP.

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