The Inconvenience of Low Water Pressure

Low Water PressureGetting the right amount of water pressure in your home is necessary to perform small and big tasks. Once the pressure drops, you will experience inconveniences that can affect your daily household activities.

Here are some of the ways that inadequate water pressure can cause trouble at home:

1. Shower Heating or Cooling Suddenly Stops

When there is too little water pressure and you are taking a shower, the water heating or cooling system may suddenly turn off. Apart from the shock of suddenly being under cold water, you are also at risk of blisters from the uncontrolled heat. The team of Perry Plumbing adds that this may happen if you have electric showers without safety mechanisms.

2. A Longer Time to Run a Bath

In most cases, filling the bath should only take about five minutes. If you have problems with low water pressure levels, this will take longer. Apart from the wasted time, you might also be wasting water.

3. You Spend More Time Finishing Household Cleaning Chores

With the pressure down, your faucets and hoses will not produce that much water. This will extend the time you need to complete household cleaning chores, such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and cleaning your car. While these may seem minor, you will be surprised at just how much time you are wasting because of these water pressure problems.

Piping Problems: A Cause of Low Water Pressure

There are several possible causes of low water pressure—some of these stem from your plumbing system. Dirt, debris, mineral build-ups, pipe corrosion, and leaky pipes can all lead to this problem. Not only do these cause inconvenience, these can increase your water bills.

Before any of these happens, contact your local plumbing contractors and have them inspect your pipes for potential problems.

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