The Hierarchy of Burglars

BurglarsNot all burglars are the same. The differences lie in their motivations and methods used. Regardless, the consequences are all the same in the end: dread and damage to property. In general, burglars are opportunists who view their offence as a lucrative source of income.

Some companies in the home security and safety industry, such as, say that burglars follow a hierarchy. The ranks are broadly determined by their intentions and experience. Below is an introduction to some of the possible kinds of people who might break into your home:

The Amateurs

Amateurs are small-time burglars that work on random opportunities that come by. In some cases, their actions are triggered by compulsions. They have a brash method, which often leads to their capture. They look for easy targets, such as houses or cars with open doors or windows. As they work hastily, they often end up stealing items with small value.

The Experienced

Experienced burglars know which items possess greater value simply because they have done it before. They know whom to target, and they devise sophisticated methods to steal and evade capture. They know how to hack security systems. They can accurately estimate how long it will take before someone in the house or from the neighbourhood notices that something is going one. They also study the habits of their victims to ensure the success of the heist.

The Professionals

They are not much different from the experienced, except that they target high-profile victims and use more complicated schemes. These burglars are on the lookout for items that can be sold in the underground market, such as artworks, historical artefacts, gold bars and antiques. Professional burglars have a network of people, which includes insiders. Technology and disguises are parts of their strategies.

Regardless of the type of valuables you have, see to it that your home is well guarded. Invest in a foolproof security system. Change the locks of your doors and windows. You may also design your landscaping in a way that will keep outsiders from viewing through your windows.

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