Telltale Signs You Need to Call The Roofers

RoofCommercial establishments require a sturdy and stable roofing system. The quality and shape of the roof over any business is unwittingly overlooked, and because it is out of the eye’s reach, the telltale signs of damages are hardly noticed and rarely provided with solutions.

Many factors can cause damages that result in the need for extensive roofing repair or complete replacement. It can be due to weather conditions or poor maintenance and installation. Just because it’s out of reach, though, doesn’t mean nobody should get up there and inspect. Here are the telltale signs it’s time to reach out to the roofers:

Roof Age

How old is your existing roof? Most roof specialists, like the team behind Collins Roofing Inc., agree that a typical roof can last up to 25 years if properly installed, ventilated, and maintained. Look back. Is your roof older than 20 years? Have some experts inspect because chances are you need a new roof.

Curling and Buckling

Once the shingles begin to curl or show signs of buckling, it means you may need to have them repaired or replaced. Check the slopes of your roof and if there are any shingled curling and losing granules, as these may be past their life expectancy. Contact a licensed roofing contractor to see what you can do.

Holes, Gaps and Leaks

Notice a sliver of sunlight passing through the roof? Ceiling leaks when it rains? These are signs of failing roof that call for immediate action. Check to see how bad the holes in the roof boards are. Repair leaks and holes as soon as possible to avoid water stains problems in moisture in the insulation.

Sagging Roof

If the roof structure shows signs of dipping either on the slope, the ridges or between the rafters, it means the roof is under strain from excessive weight and needs help. Prevent potential roof failure by calling the nearest roofing repair company near you and save your business from bigger damage.

Prevention is always better than all the bigger damage tailing unresolved problems. Steer away from DIY and band-aid solutions. Keep your business up and running by keeping your roof stable, sturdy and strong.

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