Take 5: Not Just About Safety

Build Self ConfidenceWhen it comes to risk assessment, Take 5 for Safety is among the first programs that come to mind. It’s a bible for identifying hazards in the surroundings and managing all forms of risks present in the area, including the PPE and tools needed for the activity, before commencing work.

While it’s obviously designed to make a construction, a mining, or any industrial site a safer place, it doesn’t stop there; in fact, it was never intended to eliminating the possibility of accidents alone. Even if they’re not really considered afterthoughts, using this program lets your workers:

Think about the Task

Step number one in any Take 5 book from bsprint.com.au is to stop and get the brain on the right track to carry out the task at hand properly. A valuable lesson and a useful habit to develop, training your workers to think of all the processes involved in the activity is essential for streamlining your operations.

Other than identifying the risks, focusing on the things they have to do methodically helps workers plan the best course of action to perform the industrial activity in the most efficient way possible.

Build Confidence

A worker with high self-confidence is someone well-informed with the task at hand and the scenarios that may happen as the result of his actions. Knowledge is the root of all this; as long as your workers know nothing bad would occur because every possible hazard is already managed before work is a huge confidence booster.

Finish the Job Faster

With all the hazards out of the way, nothing else could hinder your workers from doing their utmost and completing with their activities with efficiency. Discovering potential risks along the way disrupts the smooth flow of the operation, slowing down your workers.

Excellent use of the Take 5 program not only keeps the level of risks of industrial activities to a minimum, but also helps your workers be at their best.

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