Starting with the Roof: Making Vintage Homes Extra Valuable

re roofing servicesRoofs c usually last 20 or more years, depending on the make and the manner it was installed. If you live in an old home, though, you should replace it soon. You do not want to be bothered particularly now that winter is set to make its presence known. It pays to have a head start, and make your home ready for the frigid weather.

Replacing any old roof is not for the uninitiated. You need to know how to prepare for a major re roofing work. Take a look at the following reminders to help you be ready for the task ahead:

Do not just look for the obvious leaks

Hidden leaks are just as damaging as the easily noticeable ones, if not more dangerous. Stains can be painted over, as with the case of many old homes. Keep an eye out on bubbled paints on your ceiling or wallpapers peeling off.

Sagging roofs are safety red flags

Houses built before the ‘70s usually do not have trusses for structural support. They just have rafters, which can easily wear out and cause the roof to sag. If you notice your roof has dipped, consider hiring experts in re roofing Perth residents have relied on. Sagging roof can seriously compromise the stability of your home, cause major damages, and bring harm to your family.

Remove the extra layers

Another issue most owners of old houses encounter is too many roofing layers. Owners in the past used to deal with leaks and broken shingles by adding another layer to their roof. This can be detrimental, though, as the weight of the new layers bears down on the existing ones, making them inefficient. To be sure, remove as many layers as possible and have roofing experts install a new one for you.

Trim nearby tree branches

Nearby trees are a part of most old home designs. They pose structural issues though, as branches may hinder the roof’s capacity to protect the house from the elements. To be sure, trim the branches once it grows to a dangerous length or have the whole tree relocated to another spot.

Vintage homes are considered treasures in this day and age. You can make it more valuable by making the necessary maintenance and improvements, starting with your roof.

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