The Splash: 4 Trending Modern Swimming Pool Designs

swimming poolSwimming pools have changed quite a lot compared to the past decade. They are not just plain, rectangular, with a white concrete bottom anymore. They come in varying shapes and sizes, with beautiful features that reflect and complement the architectural elements of the house. They even use the property’s natural terrain and surrounding landscape.

Today, pools are part of a plant that turns your yard into an outdoor “showroom”. Below are some of the trends in swimming pool design.

Negative Edge Pool

Negative edge pools, commonly referred to as infinity swimming pools or infinity edge pools, are getting more common. These types look like it extends all the way out to the horizon. Brisbane Pools & Landscapes say, however, that these require an expert to build.


The term “spool” is a combination of a spa and a pool. Spools are usually only oversized spas about 12ft x 14ft. Spools are generally more expensive, but they are easier to maintain because they are smaller than the average swimming pool. This type is a good option for those with a very small yard.

Geometric Design

Geometric pools are those that have very straight lines or are purely circular. These look more traditional. While in recent years you have seen many shapes of pools, this decade, geometric pool shapes are making a comeback—because this type allows better use of the space compared to freeform swimming pools.

Focus on Fitness and Wellness

Fitness pools have been receiving a lot of attention lately, rising health consciousness in recent years. Some pools have a resistant jet at the end of a pool, and allows you to swim without actually moving in the water. It’s good for swimming, water workouts, and aquatic therapy, wherein you only get little to no impact on your joints.

Exercise pools are a piece of aquatic fitness equipment that you can use all year round.

It has been a great decade for the industry. From the simplicity of geometric pool to the modern vibe of negative edge pools, swimming pool designs will surely continue to push the envelope in the future.

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