So You Want to Build a Two-Storey Home? Benefits and Potential Drawbacks

Two storey homeAmong the many initial decisions when having your house built is whether to go with a single-storey home or a two-storey one. There are conflicting views on the subject, but depending on your personal specifications and the site of your future home, building a two-storey home comes with benefits and potential drawbacks.

Benefits of Two-storey Homes

In general, two-storey homes are more affordable per square foot since the most costly aspects, such as the roof and foundation costs, are averaged on a smaller footprint over a bigger square footage. Two-storey homes can also be more energy efficient since less roof area and exteriors walls will be subjected to weather conditions. Likewise, the roof will be smaller, which means easier maintenance. Plumbing is also easier to plan and install due to shorter distances.

If your land has awesome views, two-storey homes will allow you to keep the view from the second floor of your home. Two-storey house plans also offer flexibility since they involve more connection points for a porch, which can easily transform the style of your home should you wish to later on. Also, since you’ll be taking up less home and land space, you can easily expand your home to include additional outdoor spaces whether during the initial construction or as an expansion later on. In addition, you also get more privacy because of the second floor option.

Potential Drawbacks of Two-storey Homes

A potential drawback of building two-storey homes is the construction of the stairway. It can use up a considerable amount of the home’s square footage and add extra costs. Likewise, attic and ceilings heights are normally lower when compared to single storey homes with an equal size. It must be noted, however, that with the right homebuilders, says these potential drawbacks can be resolved.

In the end, deciding to go with a two-storey home will usually be based on your personal preferences and how and where you envision yourself and your family now and in the near future.

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