Signs Your Garden Needs a New Look

House gardenIs your garden scaring away people with its eerily haunted look? Maybe the old, decaying trees with their low lying branches stir up the imagination of your neighbours. This may indicate that your garden is probably sending you hints that it needs a major or minor makeover.

Beaver Tree Services cites that getting rid of fallen branches, old trees, and weeds, can improve your garden and give your home a fresh new look.

Old or Weather-Damaged Trees

Old and storm-damaged trees appear dead with their fallen or broken branches. This decaying look makes your garden seem ravaged and desolate. They not only detract from your home’s exterior, they also pose a safety hazard as debris might fall on unsuspecting passersby.

Removing these trees will revive your garden. You do not have to remove the entire tree, if it remains relatively intact. Salvage it by having it pruned and cut in a certain way that makes your yard and its surrounding plants look good.

Pruning an old tree allows natural light to fall into your garden and house. Natural mixed with ambient and layered lighting gives a spacious appearance and highlights the best parts of your home’s façade. Try different ways to landscape to improve your property’s appeal.

Too Much Vegetation

Too many weeds in your garden means that you are not properly taking care of it. These weeds make it difficult for flowers and other plants to grow as they take all of the water and nutrients. Homeowners are at risk of bush fires when an overgrowth of vegetation is prevalent in their yard.

Weeds also make parking hard as seeing the curb and space will be challenging. Have them cleared to replan your garden’s landscape.

The Flowers and Plants Stop Growing

The presence of dead flowers and plants or if they stop growing like before may mean that they lack enough water and sunlight. Trees surrounding your garden may have limited the amount of sun your plants get on a daily basis. Trim leaves, prune branches, or cut them down to provide ample sunlight to your garden.

These are just a few indicators that your garden needs a makeover. Consult with a gardener or landscape artist to plan your next move.

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