To See and Not Be Seen: 4 Great Decorative Alternatives to Curtains

window filmEven with summer in full swing, most homeowners preferred not go on a vacation immediately like they used to. Instead, they focused on improving their home and using the heat to their advantage. One effective way to add beauty to a room is at the windows.

Dressing your windows can be both the most tedious and exciting of all decorating tasks. If the view outside your living room is unsightly or you just need some privacy away from the prying eyes, there are options beyond colourful curtains.

Here are four great alternatives that are anything but ordinary:

Decorative Window Film

This can be your best option if you are looking for the right window treatment, which will enhance the aesthetics of your property. Whether you want to update the look of your home, block out that intense glare or maintain privacy in your living room, there is probably no better window treatment to choose than window decorative film. You can choose from vinyl to frosted window films.

Ethnic Roller Shades

This type of window treatment doesn’t just manipulate the light coming in, but also create shadows as well. Designed using precision lift controls, roller shades are adjustable so you can keep it perfectly balanced. Interior design experts share that ethnic roller shades offers up to 99 per cent UV-protection. It also has decorative options, such as pulls and hems. You can choose one that has a Moroccan zelige pattern that adds drama, while ensuring privacy from your neighbours.

Stained Glass

A modern, colourful stained glass can be a perfect focal point in any room. It’s a great option, as it can provide a moody, dramatic vibe in your home. Stained glass windows also allow you get the desired light and privacy.

Lacy Screens

This type of window treatment s popular centuries ago, as a way to keep a space cool in hot desert climates. Today, more and more homeowners consider lacy screens to put a great effect in the kitchen, bedroom, attic or living room. They have an impact on both the style and mood of a room, while filtering the light and providing privacy.

Whether you want to achieve a classic, modern or sophisticated style in your home, these window treatments can set the right decorating tone.

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