Russia Bolsters Sochi Security

A month before the Winter Olympics starts in Sochi, a Russian resort town, the country’s government has bolstered the security in the area.

Exclusion zone

sochiOn Tuesday, January 7, the Russian government implemented a special exclusion zone in which only vehicles marked specifically for the Sochi games, emergency cars, and intelligence service autos were allowed into the wide area of the resort town.

Sea access and air traffic are also set to go through stringent restrictions, and the Russian police form will conduct thorough identity checks for everyone who enters the zone.

Eliminating potential threats

The security move, apart from the upcoming games, is also a product of last month’s Volgograd double bombing, in which two explosions went off within a day – one of which targeted Volgograd’s main train station while the other a trolley bus. This raised security concerns in the area about the upcoming Olympics.

No group claimed responsibility for the Volgograd explosions, but many put the blame on Chechen separatist groups.

Russia has poured millions of resources to ensure a flawless run of the games, which is considered a flagship project of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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