Read This Before Buying Your Aerial Yoga Hammock!

aerial hammockAs you are one of the many people hooked on aerial yoga and want to purchase an aerial hammock or aerial silk for home use, be warned. The popularity of aerial yoga also brought with it a deluge of aerial yoga hammocks suppliers.

While some really do know what they are selling, some don’t—and this is bad because your safety when doing aerial yoga is paramount.

Aerial Yoga Hammock Buying Considerations

• When shopping for aerial hammocks, they must be long enough to support you. 6 yards of fabric is the minimum recommended length, as this can reach at least an 8 to 10 foot ceiling. You cannot do your drops with his length, however, unless you are an immediate aerial yoga practitioner.

• A little extra yardage will be better, especially if you are planning to attach your aerial yoga hammock to other aerial yoga equipment. You can try silks that are 8 or 10 yards long and can reach 10 to 12 foot ceilings and 12 to 16 feet ceilings respectively. The width of your aerial silk is likewise important, as this will have an effect on the fabric’s tensile strength.

• In general, children can easily use silks that are 60 inches wide and adults and teens can use hammocks that are at least 75 inches to 110 inches wide.

• Note also that nylon tricot blends are significantly more durable than poly blends and offer low to medium stretch. Lastly, look for silks with 35 to 40 denier capable of supporting over 2,500 pounds of dynamic and static weight.

A Last Caveat

Before buying your aerial hammock, carefully research the supplier’s credentials, expertise, and ideally, experience in doing aerial yoga. Ask questions regarding the characteristics of the hammock and if the supplier doesn’t know the difference between different fabric blends, move along and find one who does.

Remember that what seems right to an untrained eye may quickly turn into an accident in a heartbeat so please practice caution when purchasing your very own aerial yoga hammock.

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