Piece of Cake: 3 Easy-to-Make DIY Wedding Cakes

cakeMany brides today are into the DIY wedding buzz. It seems reasonable to do it on the easiest and most accessible way to add that personal touch to your big day: a DIY wedding cake.

In theory, making your own cake is extremely easy—bake a cake, spread the icing, and ta-dah. If it were that simple, though, no one would ever bother buying a cake, right? The truth is that making your own wedding cake is only easy for those who have a love for baking, crafting, and DIY ing running through their veins. What about the brides, like you, who are up to the challenge?

Here are some wedding cake ideas you can do; hopefully this list can make the planning and crafting easier for you:

Macaroon Cake

Who hates macaroons? Probably no one does, because they are simply melt-in-your-mouth delectable. They come in an infinite of colours and flavours, too, making them a good tool to create a great-looking wedding cake.

Instead of the traditional icing, completely cover your cake with macaroons instead. You can also place a few flowers and ribbons depending on the theme of your big day.

Panel Cake

Making a panel cake does not require culinary skills; it doesn’t need design talent, too. You simply need to buy a pack of chocolate panels and white chocolate mud cake mix from a cake decorating supplies online store. All the rest is a simple cakewalk: stick the chocolate panels onto the tiers and fill the ledges with fruits, macaroons, or anything you like.

Crushed Candy Cake

A crushed candy cake takes some muscle to create, but that’s just about it. You simply need to buy your favourite candy (the hard ones), and place them in a plastic bag. Get a rolling pin or a pestle and pound away your wedding jitters until the candies are big enough to look like little jewels. Press the pieces onto butter cream or white chocolate cake.

You can whip up these cakes yourself even if you rely on takeout menus most of the time. So throw out your baking angst out the window—these confections will simply be a piece of cake.

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