Pertussis Vaccine Not As Effective As Expected

The whooping cough vaccine has not been working practically as well as it was expected too. Now, a government study has offered a new theory on why the vaccine for whooping cough, also known as pertussis, falls short of expectations.

pertussisWhat the research suggests

The research carried out by the Food and Drug Administration suggests that the vaccine is effective enough to increase the immunity levels of people against the disease; however, it does not have the capability to prevent its spread. Tod Merkel, one of the researches in the study explained that perhaps this was why pertussis cases were still increasing in the US despite vaccines being available.

Merkel and his team’s research work on baboons showed that post vaccination, while the creatures did not fall sick, they carried dangerously high levels of the bacteria in their systems for around five weeks, which is enough to spread the disease which is already contagious.

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