Organising Your Personal Effects for the Impending Move

cargoProfessional movers guarantee an efficient move and safe transport of your belongings. How about you? Are you doing your part? You should realise early on that the sorting and packing of personal belongings is your own personal contribution to the family.

To help you through this overwhelming task, here are some ideas.

Make the Rules

It makes sense to create specific piles. Apart from the pile of clothes and personal items that you need to keep, you can have a pile of stuff to donate, another pile to distribute to friends, a pile that ends in the rubbish bin, and a pile labelled ‘undecided’, which you must keep small and manageable.

For this pile system to work its magic, set some rules first. You have to write them down so that it becomes clear which of your belongings ends up in the pile to donate, keep, or give away. This is the best way to minimise the volume of the ‘undecided’ pile, and if you do a really good job, you will end up with zero items on that pile.

Label All Containers

To keep the move hassle-free, you need to have a system so that you know where everything is when it is time to unpack. It’s like preparing an inventory. When you sort and pack, label each container and make sure you know which of the boxes contain valuables, especially personal items that are dear to the family.

By knowing where your valuables are, then you can keep track of them better. When you have a labelling system, expensive personal items such as jewellery will not end up in a box somewhere. You can transport these items yourself rather than your trusted New Zealand movers if you want to keep an eye on them at all times.

Lastly, holding on to something for its sentimental value will only clutter your life. Surely, you want a fresh start. All of the personal stuff stored in the attic or garage ought to be left behind. Give them away to someone who wants to take them off your hands.

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