Mobile Domination of the Digital Landscape

Mobile dominationAdvertising is changing. The billboards and television ads just don’t cut it anymore. As people move their eyes, their time and attention to the Internet, so does marketing. While digital marketing is on the rise, another trend is making itself known – mobile.

U.S. capitalist and Wall Street securities analyst Mary Meeker reports just how much mobile advertising is growing. The era of desktops and laptops is diminishing, as smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices are becoming the preferred choice of many consumers. and many search engine marketing professionals agree to this notion.

The Subject Matter Expert Speaks

Running the digital investments for top Silicon Valley venture capital firms such as Kleiner Perkins Caufiled and Byers, Meeker is among the industry authorities that search professionals would listen to. Her words are worth its value in gold for marketers – most especially for those who are in the digital landscape.

Her annual report shows a comprehensive breakdown of the entire web landscape, making it one of the go-to sources for many marketing professionals. This also highlights the need to have mobile versions of websites if digital marketers don’t want to lose their online traction.

The Rise of Mobile

One of the key points raised by Meeker is the rise of mobile. People using mobile to access the Internet are increasing by the millions. Her report shows that over 2.8 billion people accessed the web in 2014 alone. Though this is certainly a staggering number, it pales in comparison to mobile Internet usage.

Last year, people using mobile to access the Internet grew by as much as 23%, reaching over 2.1 billion users. The growth rate is much higher than the overall Internet usage. When before, people spent only 20 minutes a day surfing the web through mobile devices—today, it’s up to three hours daily.

Failing to cater to mobile as an advertising tool is inviting disaster. With Google’s recent mobilegeddon, sites without any mobile versions are more likely to see the bottom of search results.

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