Maximising the Performance of Your Printer

PrinterThe quality of your printer will depend on its speed and output resolution. To keep your printer running in good condition, you should keep in mind the things that matter most. These include the PPM (pages per minute), which measures the printing speed.

When the printer indicates 9 PPM, you will get nine pages printed out in a minute. The resolution, on the other hand, means the amount of dots per inch (dpi). A printer with a 300-dpi capacity will print 90,000 dots for every square inch.

Know more about printers from their maintenance to cartridge types to maximise their performance.

Printer Preservation

Whether you own a Fuji laser or inkjet printer, you must follow certain maintenance reminders to improve the print quality.

The most important thing to take into account is the Fuji Xerox toner, says When used properly, the printer can produce high quality prints you can trust. You can use your toner for a longer period by shaking the toner cartridge lightly before changing it. This also spreads the toner again for better printouts.

The next step you should take is to make sure your printer is turned off and unplugged before cleaning it. A cloth soaked in water or alcohol is good for keeping the printer’s exterior dirt-free. Stay away from other cleaning products that may ruin your printer casing.

When dealing with the interior, alcohol and Bestine solvent are ideal in cleaning the rollers. Bear in mind that dirt will just stick back inside your printer when you use a compacted blower. A handy vacuum will do better.

The Need for Replacement      

When you go shopping for a new printer, it’s best that you know the different types of ink cartridges. The key difference between the ink cartridge and toner cartridge is the length of use. It will take 500 pages before the ink type needs a refill and it still depends on the quality of printouts produced. Your printer must run not less than once a week to prevent the ink cartridge from jamming or drying out.

In contrast, the toner class will print a minimum of 2,000 pages before it runs out. This kind of cartridge, however, can be costly in some old laser printers that you would think of buying a new printer instead of getting a fresh toner.

When considering cost, you should use a laser printer when you need to print numerous pages while an inkjet printer is best when you only have fewer pages to print like one to three. This way, your printer will give you the quality you deserve.



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