Manaus Soccer Pitch Undergoes Repair Months Before 2014 World Cup

Several sections of the Amazonia Arena in Manaus, Brazil are undergoing repairs months before the opening matches of the 2014 World Cup. Excessive amounts of fertilizer have been used leading to the undernourished development of the grass playing surface.

Devoid of Grass

Photo Credit: Tim Horton | Wikimedia

Photo Credit: Tim Horton | Wikimedia

The stadium has already staged two domestic games in Brazil but still experiences intense repairs due to the region’s high temperatures and humid conditions. Several areas look dry and patchy, particularly the penalty areas which are almost devoid of grass growth.

The company based in Sao Paolo that supplied the Bermuda grass is already working to restore the dry areas. They place green crystal chemicals to solve the growth problem.

World Cup Matches

The Amazonia Arena will host four group stage matches which will pit England against Italy, Portugal against USA, Cameroon against Croatia, and Switzerland against Honduras.

Stadium and pitch rehabilitators are currently working round-the-clock to restore the arena’s tip-top condition in time for the Cup.

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