Lost Pregnancy: Understanding the Causes of Miscarriages

The early phases of pregnancy tUltrasound of Baby in Wombypically cause worries. One of the things that make expecting women anxious during these times is miscarriage.

Healthcare providers, such as TheWellsSuite.co.uk, identify a miscarriage as the most common type of pregnancy loss. It is often described as a spontaneous loss of the foetus before the 20th week of the gestation; in most cases, the expecting mother loses the foetus during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Below are some of the reasons behind miscarriages:

Anomalies in Chromosomal Compatibility

Doctors say that chromosomal incompatibilities may cause miscarriages. In a healthy and normal pregnancy, the chromosomes, or the carriers of genes, of the sperm and egg cells are properly aligned. This isn’t the case for couples whose chromosomes are not compatible. When incompatible chromosomes unite, the embryo will not be able to develop normally, which in turn results in miscarriage.

Uterine Problems

Embryos are supposed to be implanted into the uterus. But, if the woman has a weak uterus, it will not receive the embryo properly. If received, however, the embryo may not get the important nutrients that will aid its development.


Certain diseases may increase an expecting woman’s chances of miscarriage. Diseases that hit the immune system, such as lupus, may be one of the factors that induce pregnancy loss. Other disorders include kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid diseases and congenital heart disease.

Work and Lifestyle

Pregnant women who work directly with radiation, such as X-rays, may have a greater risk of miscarriage. Lifestyles may also indirectly affect the quality of the pregnancy. For instance, women who smoke, drink alcohol or use illegal drugs have higher chances of pregnancy loss.

These are only some of the reasons behind miscarriages. Keep in mind that looming miscarriages come with some symptoms. Talk to your obstetrician if you want to learn more about them.

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