Looking to the Future: The Types of Retirement Homes

GrandmaAs people grow old, it may become necessary for them to be cared for. However, you can’t simply entrust the lives of your elderly loved ones to just anyone. You need to choose the right senior community for your elderly. Without proper planning, retirement can become quite a burden for everyone involved.

To help you in your search for an appropriate retirement home, enumerated below are the various types of senior housing facilities. Based on their specific characteristics, you can make the best choice.

The Different Types of Independent Living Facilities and Retirement Homes

From apartment clusters to individual houses, such facilities vary in cost, amenities and other equally important aspects in finding ideal residences.

● Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). Offering various types of services (such as nursing home care), the accommodations in CCRCs are quite versatile. Transferring from independent to assisted living, for example, is remarkably easy, provided the patients remain on-site.

● Low-income (subsidized) housing. Particularly known as an option in the United States, the name itself suggests that this type of subsidized housing is meant for low-income seniors.

● Retirement homes. Commonly referred to as retirement communities, these are groups of housing units that cater to people between 55 to 62 years of age, and even older in some cases. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and also come with additional monthly fees to pay for regular maintenance and usage of community facilities.

● Senior apartments. Also known as congregate care housing, these apartment clusters follow strict age restrictions. Typically, only those above 55 years old are permitted to stay in such facilities.

Remember that it pays to be prepared for the future. This doesn’t just apply to your elders – after all, it is not possible to anticipate what would happen to you in the next twenty or so years. This is why having a retirement plan in place – and a specific retirement community in mind – is essential in making sure that your future with your loved ones will be a happy and burden-free one.

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